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How do I decide how much to give in each category?

Decide what you can afford to give to the Operating Fund. Give in a way that reflects what the church means to you, and be generous.

Operating Fund $ a year.
This is the Fund that makes everything else possible. We ask that it be your primary financial commitment in covenant with Mayflower. Often, we think of this fund as just bills and payroll, but in fact the Operating Fund ensures that the missions and ministries of Mayflower have a home base--a gathering place from which the Beloved Community goes out to do good in the world.  It doesn’t just provide a worship space. It puts a roof over our mission work, sheltering multiple support, grief, and recovery groups. It means that Early Foundations can use our classrooms during the week to nurture children with autism spectrum disorders and their families.  It provides a place for Mobile Meals and 363 to store food and supplies.  Finally, the Operating Fund is the financial foundation for all of our church boards. The work and ministry of Mayflower Church depends on a commitment by all members to support the Operating Fund.

Add an additional pledge to Benevolence and Communication that reflects their importance to you.

Benevolence Fund $ a year.
Mayflower is unique in the design and operation of its Benevolence giving. Most churches put all their funds in one account, and then spend what is left over for missions after all the bills are paid. We give our members the opportunity to give money for benevolence purposes that cannot be spent for any other purpose. The result is more dollars contributed to help those in need. Our ultimate objective is to spend as much helping the poor as we spend keeping house.


Communication Fund $ a year.
The Communication Fund supports our online presence, digital communication, and church media. If you enjoy listening (or re-listening!) to Mayflower sermons and want to make sure that others both near and far have access to the work, word, and ministry of Mayflower, please designate a portion of your overall pledge to the Communication Fund.